The creative flair of Giuliano, the founders’ son, keeps past techniques, materials and processing methods alive, while concurrently creating a bridge towards the future, thanks to partnerships with international artists and designers. We work in Murano because here, there is no need to sit down and think to design a new mirror: because here, every cloud and every colored fa├žade reflected on the waters of the lagoon is the living material which inspires our creations.
For us, creating is not only the manual crafting of Venetian-style mirrors, but it is also the designing of site-specific installations, teaming up with artists, designers and architects, restoring and reproducing antique mirrors, a famous example of which is the restoration of the mirrors at La Fenice theatre in the 1960s.


For us, skill derives not only from “know-how”, but also from the “ability to imagine”. For this reason, we put our workmanship and the force of tradition at the disposal of the creative flair of artists and designers.