Nicoletta Onesto was born in Murano, and comes from a family of  glassmakers. 
She attended the Art School of Venice and after obtaining her diploma she worked in specialized laboratories decorating blown glass.
This is where she began her long and passionate studies, practice and personal research.
On her journey as an artist, she has experimented with various techniques used in both modern and ancient glass decorating. It is from here that she has come to the specialization of graffiti, one of the most ancient techniques of Venetian glass processing.

The “Graffito” consists of the application of a special resin on the glass, then a thin pure 24kt. gold leaf, which has been hand-beaten by a craftsman, is applied. At this stage, it is scratched with a thin copper needle.
It is this technique that fascinates the artist, as she draws upon the experience of ancient masters, and is inspired by the creation of ancient and modern paintings on glass objects. She creates a sort of game played by transparency and light, harmonies of lines and colours, which when joined together, give life to images that make her work so unique.