Adriano Dalla Valentina, born in Murano in 1945.

Began working in a glass furnace at the age of ten, he spent the next fourteen years performing varied tasks in several Murano furnaces.

This vast experience allowed him to perfect his glassworking skills.

With this treasure of knowledge, at the age of 24 Adriano established his independence by opening his own furnace.

Through the years, he built a reputation in Murano as one of the greatest masters, a model for future generations.

Because of his dedication to keeping the glassblowing tradition alive, ha has dedication to keeping the glassblowing tradition alive, ha has devoted himself to working with the students of the Art Institute of Venice, resulting in award winning designs.

His talents span various glassworking techniques, though he is best recognized for his work in the typical venetian style; murrina and cane working.

He shares his experience with well-known architects and designers, reproducing their projects in glass.

His work has appeared in numerous shows, including the “Premio Murano”, awarded with the “Premio Selezione, Sezione Concorso”; in Rome “Da Murano a Roma nel mondo”, one artist show in Roma, Milan and Cremona.

He showed in France at the “Salon International des artistes verriers”, Tours, 1997. In 1998, Adriano presents the “four seasons” at the second edition of “Venezia Aperto Vetro” at the Palazzo Ducale. In October 1998, in collaboration with several Art Institutes, Adriano had his personal show at the “Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa”.

Masterpieces of Adriano Dalla Valentina are currently shown in the major European cities, Japanese museums and art galleries in the USA.